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my name is
Julius Lassalle

I am a leadership consultant, executive coach and author. My website will give you more information about who I am and how I can help you.


To create a safe space where people can connect with themselves, with others and with the moment, and thus perform to their maximum capacity – aligned with who they are and what they want to achieve.


Führungslust statt Führungsfrust

A workbook to guide leaders towards full empowerment, making their leadership more effective and more fun.




Facilitation &

What clients say

Julius contributed significantly to managing our organisational growth – by developing scalable leadership structures and facilitating dialogue in our management team.

Philipp Krause, Founder & Managing Director, dentolo

People are thrilled about the new career framework we developed with Julius. It is key to future employee commitment and clearly puts us ahead of our competition.

Gudrun Leibl, Head of People & Culture, Nuri

Working with Julius brought a new quality to contact and cooperation, and greater clarity to our leadership team.

Max von Waldenfels, Founder & Managing Director, Caspar Health

The combination of body work and in-depth discussions on psychological safety really made me and my team grow.

Julia Carloff Winkelmann, VP People & Workplace, Soundcloud

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